The First All-Round Social Media Photo Booth
Covers 5 major social media platforms

More Interactive

User can upload photo and print out live from any of these 5 social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter and DSLR. No extra apps need to be installed.

More scalable

FOMO Photo Booth supports parallel photo uploading and printing, we can eaisly scale up for events of different size.


Get more followers and likes

FOMO Photo Booth can effectively convert the offline cumstomers who likes the event to online follwers.

Fully automated photo booth

FOMO Photo Booth is fully automated and extremely intuitive for users, thus less operation manpower will be used, operational cost can be reduced.

FOMO Photo Booth Interface
Simple and intuitive user interface

Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Though FOMO Photo Booth is a new and innovative product, the interface is intuitive enough for any user to hands on within a few minutes.

  • User may rotate their photo before printing, and delete his own photo when granted by admin to protect their privacy.

  • T&C applied to each photo print, which protects leagal rights of both parties.

fomo photo booth interface

Comprehensive event management system

  • Real time tracking photo booth machine status and number of uploads, printings on all social media platforms.

  • Visually present you the trend of your event on different social medias.

  • Analysis the marketing effect of your event with proof and strong confidence.

fomo photo booth interface

How FOMO Photo Booth Performs
SPH Valentines day campaign in Clementi Mall and Seletar Mall

Average number of followers in the past month for: SPH Zaobao Life
All followers: 162,862

Follower or Likes on Facebook and WeChat

Number of followers

WeChat Followers

Facebook Likes

Analysis of followers: The number of followers has been dramatically increasing during event dates(13th and 14th Feb 2015).
Update on 16.02.2015

Social media exposure

Facebook Pages Visits

6 321

% New Visits


WeChat New Followers

1 164

% New Followers



36 547

% New Impressions


New Facebook Likes

New WeChat Followers

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